Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Saga Continues

Just a clarification on my move to the hill as I said I was 7 years old when I moved to the hill. The year was 1947. My first friend was my next door neighbor Linda Baccioci. She had a little shed her father built for her sort of a doll house. We played in there and I was the father and she was the mother and her siblings, Frances & Eddy were our children. I think back at those times with fondness. There was such an innocence in our games. We imitated adults. Adults that were worthy of imitation. I also had a friend name Joe McGee. Check spelling. He lived further down Kimberly Ave. toward Haddads. Joe was a great kid. Don't know where he is today. I remember my brother's friends, Paul Murphy, Charlie Larson, Jackie Hubert, Camille Esposito, Billy Ford, Billy Lafferty, Johnny Cuisak, Eddie ( Zeke) Zankowski, and more. We had one of the first TV sets in the neighborhood and all the kids came over to watch it. I think it was a 9 inch oval TV. Can you imagine watching such a small screen? We got a dog name Taffy. She was a jumper. We first named her Lassie because she was suppose to be a Collie. That didn't happen she looked more like a greyhound. So we changed her name to Taffy. As I said she could jump. We had a gate in our back yard and the kids would get on their hands & knees one after another on one side of the gate. We would have at least 5 kids there. Someone would call Taffy and she would come jumping over the gate and the 5 plus kids behind it. She was a great dog and lived to be 16 years old.

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