Saturday, March 22, 2008

And On to School

I first attended Kimberly Ave school. It was a little difficult since I was the new kid in first grade. I did have an advantage because my father Al, was the school janitor. I knew some of the teachers especially Miss Nickols (ck spelling), the Kindergarten teacher. My father did work for her at her summer home in Old Lyme and my brother and I would go with him to help. She was a very nice person. She never married but that was not unusual for women teachers of that era.
I also remember going to Yankee baseball games with Mr. Fisher and his son. Mr. Fisher was principal of Kimberly Ave school and my father's boss. We would take the train into NYC. I think we got off at 125th street. I don't remember how we got to Yankee Stadium. I do remember most of the players. The ones I do remember are as follows; Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Doctor Bobby Brown, Billy Martin, Moose Scaroin, Phil Rizzuto. Of course my spelling of some of these guy's names needs to be checked. Anyway I continued at Kimberly ave School finishing the forth grade.
I do remember my brother Ron & I helping my father shoveling snow off the sidewalks of the school. And back then it really snowed. I remember especially when it snowed on a Saturday. We had to get up early to shovel so people could walk to Saint Peter's Church which was across the street from Kimberly Ave School. The sidewalk was on a corner and we did a lot of snow shoveling. A big job for a nine and a twelve year old. Eventually the city bought my father a snow plow but before that we did all the snow removal ourselves. Try doing that in today's society. More to come.

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